What is a Meat Tenderizer Powder and how to use it?

A Meat Tenderizing powder is the dried form containing some ingredients that weaken protein molecules’ bonding in meat. It softens the meat and makes it easier to cook and eat. In simple words, it is an ingredient that helps in preparing tasty and juicy steaks for eating.

What is a Meat Tenderizer Powder and how to use it?

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How does the tenderizing powder works?

Meat tenderizer powder works similarly to the enzymes in the human body. In the powder, the papain and bromelain enzymes are used. 

These enzymes are derived from the Papaya and Pineapple fruits. When we sprinkle the powder on meat, the enzymes dive into the meat tissues and tear apart the protein molecules. It makes the meat easier to chew and enhances its taste.

How to use powder to tenderize the meat?

Do you want to know about the use of meat tenderizer powder? If the answer is yes, hang on, we are here to let you know how to use the meat Tenderizer powder and make it at home?

Meat tenderizer powder is an essential ingredient in a carnivore’s kitchen. Many people know about it, but they do not know how to use it effectively while cooking. 

What is a Meat Tenderizer Powder and how to use it?

It requires some cooking techniques to make the meat tasty, and the use of tenderizer powder is one such technique.

There are the following ways to use tenderizer powder effectively:

  • Sprinkle the powder on the meat  

Now, sprinkle the tenderizing powder on the meat gently. Remember that meat can not only be tenderized by spreading the powder on it. It would only be tenderized when the powder gets into the meat.

The powder should be sprinkled on it, so it should dive into the pierced meat cuts. Therefore, sprinkle some liquid on the surface of the meat to help the powder reach inside the meat.

For effective tenderness, the powder should be rubbed on the meat. After applying the tenderizer powder, set aside the meat for approximately an hour so that the powder would absorb in the tissues.

  • Marinate the meat properly

Meat tenderizing depends upon the proper marinating of the meat. If it would not be marinated appropriately, it lost taste. Therefore, due diligence should be given while marinating the meat. 

For marinating it properly, keep balance while smearing tenderizer powder on meat. It should be applied equally on the surface of the meat. However, avoid over smearing of the powder on it. Else, the taste will be destroyed.

  • Keeping the Hygienic tenderizing

Keeping the tenderizing hygienic is as crucial as the tenderizing itself is. When we tenderize the meat, the risk of virus increases if we keep it uncooked for a long time. Therefore, the tenderized meat should not be kept in the fridge for later use because it lost its taste when we keep it in the refrigerator for a long time. Therefore, it is better to cook the tenderized meat as early as possible.  

Making meat tenderizer powder at home

Generally, people buy tenderizer powder from the market. However, if you want a chemical-free tenderizer, it would be a great idea to make it at home. It is not rocket science. 

Making meat tenderizer at home is as easy as pie. Although there are many remedies to make tenderizer powder, however, we are going to tell you a general, easy, and commonly used remedy to make the meat tenderizer powder at home.


  • Papaya tenderizer powder

Almost all the meat tenderizer powders contain Papain, which we call papaya proteinase; it secrets enzymes that breakdowns the bulky tendons of the meat and make it smooth and ready to cook.

You can prepare the tenderizer powder from Papaya.

For this, take an unripened Papaya. Wash and cleanse it. Now, cut it from the center and take out all the seeds in it. After taking all seeds out, grate it finely.

Note that it should be grated finely so it will dry sooner.

Now, spread the grated Papaya in a plate or muslin cloth and dry it in direct sunlight. It will take 4 to 5 days. When all moisture disappears, and it dries completely, grinds it in the grinding machine and makes a fine powder. Strain the powder thoroughly in a strainer to get rid of bigger chunks. The more significant pieces can again be ground to make powder. 

Your chemical-free meat tenderizer powder is ready to use.


Is a meat tenderizer good for your health?

Meat Tenderizer powders are made of natural ingredients, and whatever natural substance we intake is almost always safe.

We use enzymes in Papaya to tenderize the meat for safe eating and avoiding any health disadvantages! In the early days, enzymes were only taken from the Papaya, but now manufacturers are also using extracts from other fruits like Pineapple or Kiwi.

Meat Tenderizer tools are also used for the same purpose makes the meat soft by hammering it in different ways. Read more about what is meat tenderizer tool in our recent post it.


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